The benefits of Marriage Coaching are too numerous to list! I've listed a dozen below.

Marriage Coaching can help...

1. a good marriage become a great one
2. improve a struggling or dissatisfying marriage                                                          "Helping is the art of the possible." Gerard Egan
3. create greater intimacy and friendship
4. provide techniques so that you can take action to improve your marriage
5. uncover issues that hinder your relationship
6. replace destructive patterns
7. repair a damaged, hurting or painful relationship
8. create peace and harmony
9. develop better ways of communicating
10. Improve desirability and admiration for partner
11. create more time together
12. reconnect and act as a team

And many more!


A.C's Facebook Status: Feels like life is so full and busy right now my head might pop!

Lynn: At times like this, take 1-2 hours to be frivolous - to refresh yourself. Watch a dumb movie or do something goofy and / or fun - maybe a date night doing something different.

A.C - A night out with hubby did the trick! Thanks Lynn!