Getting Started

Is Coaching Right for Me?

Step I. Get familiar with coaching by spending some time on this website. Answer the following questions:

1. What do I want from my marriage? What do I want to improve?
2. How do I think coaching can help me?
3. Am I willing to invest the time and effort in making changes? Am I honestly ready to face my problems?
4. Do I believe that lasting change is possible?
5. Do I have a desire and need for coaching?

Step II. Decide if you'd like to have a complimentary one-hour session with me. This session may be in person (Northern Virginia area only), by phone or Skype. If you would like an initial consultation, please supply the following information prior to your first coaching session:

First Name:


Day / times you would like your coaching session:

Short description of what you would like to work on (can be a few words or phrase, or longer):

Step III. I will respond to your request within a week. After our session, I will provide some recommendations for future sessions via email.

Step IV. You decide whether you would like to continue with coaching.

How to Get Started Summary: Free one-hour session (in person, phone or Skype) with follow-up email outlining a proposal designed especially for you. If you would like to continue, you will be asked to pay in advance for your next session. You may need just one session to help improve your marriage to your satisfaction or prefer to invest in various coaching packages.

Your Initial Appointment is ALWAYS FREE.

How can you afford to do this and why do you do this?

The answer to this question reflects my value and professional approach. It also shows how I differ from other coaches. Let me show you in more detail by discussing what happens before our initial consultation and after our consultation.

Before our consultation: You pay only after you've become familiar with my background, philosophies and approach. You should be able to make a determination by spending time on this website and after we've talked for up to an hour. You are determining whether I am the right fit for you and your needs. If you believe that I can help you, the next step is to read my follow up email you will receive within a week, decide if you would like to continue and then submit your payment through Paypal.

Do you know that many people go to the first session with a therapist, pay in excess of $120.00 per hour, only to discover within a few minutes that they do not have a comfortable rapport with the therapist or coach? This is completely ridiculous. The helping professional should determine if the potential client is going to benefit from his or her expertise or service BEFORE THE CLIENT ENTERS the office. Clients should understand the therapist's background and approach, free of charge. Yet time and money is wasted on the first appointment going over these basics.

I believe that the client should select his or her helper after research has been done and when there is enough information to make an appropriate decision. You can call it shopping around or whatever you'd like. If a therapist or helping professional does not want to offer a free one-hour consultation to a prospective client, I believe that the therapist should at least offer written information outlining his or her philosophy, approach, areas of expertise and services offered.

Notice how I used the term therapist above? I am not a licensed therapist, but I am experienced and passionate about serving as a coach.

After our consultation: Within a week after our appointment, I will send you a brief email summarizing key points of our consultation and sometimes new ideas for you. This means that I truly care about you and will be giving your situation additional thought and prayer. This is not common for other helping professionals; the standard procedure is to conduct a session of 50-60 minutes, have you pay for that and offer you the opportunity to schedule another session.

You are getting up to 90 minutes with me initially for free (session plus email).

Why do I do this? Because the best coach lays the foundation for success. Coaching is useless if a client talks on the phone, hangs up and then wonders why he or she sees no improvement. If you want me as your coach, you will need to get involved and follow through. If you want to chat, we can do that, but you might be better suited for someone else as your coach. I have a vested interest in your success and view our relationship as a partnership, not some business transaction.

I also have a human resources background and I have seen far too many seminars and training sessions result in no noticeable change. Words often evaporate into thin air. What a waste of time. As a coach, my purpose is to do what I can to ensure that you implement techniques that will help you achieve results.

Yes, I will end up spending time with prospective clients who do not continue with me. That's ok and is part of the process. If I've helped them along the way, then I see it as a win-win situation.