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Many couples have difficulty articulating their concerns. Sometimes they think they have trouble in one area and through coaching, discover that there is something more important to address. It's a normal human tendency to not admit problems publicly or even privately. People shoulder a burden of not wanting to admit to anyone the discontent and disconnection they feel. Their spouses are not mind readers and the relationship is not going to miraculously change by itself.

I strive to create an atmosphere of comfort so you can disclose your concerns honestly and fully. Withholding information thwarts progress.

Possible topics for discussion: Emotional distance, estrangement, sexual problems including but not limited to: differences, dissatisfaction, alienation, lack of interest, selfishness. Feeling stuck about how to make changes due to a long duration of an established pattern / habit, communication problems, in-law problems, compatibility challenges, feelings of boredom with my spouse, lack of love, lack of motivation to make a change, helplessness / feeling it's too late to do anything, resignation, resentment, anger, frustration and impatience, fatigue and depression, feeling overwhelmed and pushed to the limit in life, feeling I made a mistake in choosing my mate, indifference, inattentiveness, withdrawal, lack of admiration, no affection or romance and more.